1. British Literature What poet used the characters Los, Enitharmon, Orc, and Urizen? He wrote the lines: "He is called by thy name, For he calls himself a Lamb: He is meek & he is mild, He became a little child: I a child & thou a lamb, We are called by his name. Little Lamb God bless thee."

William Blake

1. Bonus Four Parts Given a quote, name the Shakespeare character that says it: A. "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me you ears!" B. "Get thee to a nunnery. Why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?" C. "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time" D. "You have but slumber'd here, While these visions did appear."

A. Mark Antony B. Hamlet C. Macbeth D. Puck

2. Geometry Thirty Seconds A regular octahedron has how many diagonals?


2. Bonus Four Parts A. How many sides does an icosahedron have? B. How many total face diagonals does a cube have? C. How many total great diagonals does a cube have? D. How many total face diagonals does a dodecahedron have?

A. 20 B. 12 C. 4 D. 60

3. Astronomy Which planet has been visited by Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, and Voyager 2? The Cassini spacecraft is scheduled to reach it in the year 2004. It takes this planet about 30 Earth-years to orbit the Sun, and it has a mass about 95 times that of the Earth.


3. Bonus Four Parts Identify the Apollo mission from a description. Your answer should be a number. A. First manned mission to achieve lunar orbit B. First man on the moon C. Fire on the launching pad killed astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee D. Explosion in space almost led to the astronauts' deaths

A. 8 B. 11 C. 1 D. 13

4. British History Who became the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the age of 18 because her uncle, King William IV, had no legitimate children? William Lamb, Robert Peel, Benjamin Disraeli, and William Gladstone all served as Prime Minister during her reign, which included the Crimean and Boer Wars.

Queen Victoria

4. Bonus Four Parts Answer the following questions about Scotland: A. What is its capital? B. What is its most populous city? C. Who did Macbeth assassinate to become King of Scotland in 1040? D. What Scottish hero was executed in 1305?

A. Edinburgh B. Glasgow C. Duncan D. William Wallace

5. Art Which late nineteenth century painter created Spirit of the Dead Watching, On The Beach, and Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? He is known for painting postimpressionistic scenes from the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti.


5. Bonus Four Parts Identify these famous photographers: A. Who was the official photographer of the American Civil War? B. What Danish photographer is famous for his pictures of New York slums at the end of the nineteenth century? C. Who photographed the Soviet Union and rural United States during the Great Depression, Europe during World War II, and Gandhi for Life Magazine? D. Which photographer was inspired by a trip in 1916 at the age of 14 to Yosemite to photograph the American West in black and white?

A. Mathew Brady B. Jacob Riis C. Margaret Bourke-White D. Ansel Adams

6. Math History Whose doctoral thesis established the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra? He is considered to be the first person to develop a non-Euclidean geometry and to develop the statistical method of least squares. This German also worked on optics and electromagnetism, and one of the units of magnetic field strength is named after him.

Carl Friederich Gauss

6. Bonus Four Parts A. Which Greek mathematician wrote the Conics? B. What 18th century Swiss mathematician is often given credit for our current notations for pi, e, and i? C. What British mathematician published The Mathematical Analysis of Logic in 1847? D. What Austrian mathematician proved in 1931 that any powerful and rigid mathematical system has statements that can neither be proved or disproved.

A. Apollonius of Perga B. Leonhard Euler C. George Boole D. Kurt Godel

7. Performance For whom did Aaron Copland compose Appalachian Spring? She was a dancer and choreographer who lived from 1893 to 1991 noted for her seriousness, sparse staging, and influence on many forms of dance.

Martha Graham

7. Bonus Four Parts Given the name of a recent album, name the artist or group: A. Let's Talk About Love B. Pilgrim C. Fundamental D. Yield

A. Celine Dion B. Eric Clapton C. Bonnie Raitt D. Pearl Jam

8. Earth Science Many scientists believe that which region is depleted by bromine halocarbons, nitrous oxides, and other chemicals? This region is located 19 to 48 kilometers above the Earth's surface.

Ozone Layer

8. Bonus Four Parts Identify these parts of the Earth: A. The collective name for the gaseous envelope around the Earth B. The dense shell surrounding the core reaching a depth of 2900 km C. The layer of water that covers seventy percent of the Earth's surface D. The outer solid portion which includes the crust

A. Atmosphere B. Mantle C. Hydrosphere D. Lithosphere

9. American Literature Which poet wrote about characters such as Ma Rainey, Joe Meek, and Slim Greer? His first volume, Southern Road, was published in 1932, and he edited the anthology The Negro Caravan.

Sterling Brown

9. Bonus Four Parts Given the name of a work in The Negro Caravan, name the writer: A. The Weary Blues B. St. Louis Blues C. For My People D. His Excellency General Washington

A. Langston Hughes B. W.C. Handy C. Margaret Walker D. Phillis Wheatley

10. World History Which city-state allied itself with Sparta in the Peloponnesian War against Athens and soon after allied itself with Athens against Sparta? It was destroyed by Romans in 146 BC, Goths in 395 AD, and an earthquake in 1858.


10. Bonus Four Parts A-C. What three people made up the triumvirate that ruled Rome until one of them died in 53 BC? D. Who received the title of Augustus in 27 BC?

A-C. Gaius Julius Caesar, Pompey The Great, and Marcus Licinius Crassus D. Octavian

11. American Literature Which American playwright, the son of a well-known actor, started out by writing avant-garde psychodramas and later wrote plays about his family's problems with alcohol and heroine. The four haunted Tyrones are supposed to represent himself and his father, mother, and brother in his drama Long Day's Journey Into Night.

Eugene O'Neill

11. Bonus Four Parts Given a fictional family, name the American author who wrote about them: A. The Bridges B. The Compsons C. The Lesters D. The Wapshots

A. Evan Connell B. William Faulkner C. Erskine Caldwell D. John Cheever

12. Chemistry What secondary terpenoid alcohol is the active ingredient in many throat lozenges and mouthrinses? It is sometimes combined with camphor and/or eucalyptus oil in body ointments. Give the common name of this substance which has chemical formula C10H19OH.


12. Bonus Four Parts Given the name of a drug, name the manufacturer: A. Alka-Seltzer B. Pepto-Bismol C. Tums D. Excedrin

A. Bayer B. Procter & Gamble C. Smithkline Beecham D. Bristol- Myers

13. Probability Thirty Seconds If your goal is to toss a coin until you get two heads, what is the probability you will have to toss it exactly ten times?


13. Bonus Four Parts Assume that three fair six-sided dice are tossed with the sides labeled one through six. Expressing your answer as a fully simplified fraction, what is the probability of the sum being: A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 10

A. 1/216 B. 1/72 C. 1/36 D. 1/8

14. American History Which writing includes the lines, "Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The urge for freedom will eventually come. This is what happened to the American Negro. Something within has reminded him of his birthright of freedom; something without has reminded him that he can gain it?" It was written in 1963.

Letter From A Birmingham Jail

14. Bonus Four Parts Identify the Civil War Campaign from a description A. The first of these campaigns took place during the Summer of 1861, the second during the Summer of 1862 B. The northernmost campaign, named after a bloody three-day battle C. The campaign named after the Mississippi River fort conquered in 1863 D. The campaign which ended the war

A. Bull Run B. Gettysburg C. Vicksburg D. Appomattax

15. New Trier Trivia Which New Trier athletic team was the first to win an IHSA championship during 1997-98?

Boys' Golf

15. Bonus Five Parts Name five of the seven New Trier Board members.

Pat Hackett, William Johnson, Fred Miller, Phyllis Myers, James Nowacki, Onnie Scheyer, Adair Waldenberg


16. Biology What organ consists of four lobes: right, left, caudate, and quadrate. Protected by the ribs, it is the largest organ inside the body.


16. Bonus Four Parts A-C. Name the three types of muscles in the body D. What is the nutritive mineral necessary for heart function?

A-C. Smooth or Nonstriated, Cardiac, and Skeletal or Striated D. Calcium or Ca2+

17. Geography In what country can you find the cities of Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, and Jakarta? Its economy and deposed President Suharto have been in the news recently.


17. Bonus Five Parts Name five of the six countries visited by President Clinton during his trip to Africa

Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Botswana, and Senegal

18. Music Which Baroque composition consists of a concerto in E major, one in G minor, one in F major, and one in F minor? It was first published in 1725 and is based on four sonnets which are not meant to be read during a performance. Historians disagree as to whether the sonnets were written by the composer.

The Four Seasons

18. Bonus Four Parts Given a work, name the composer: A. Brandenburg Concerto B. Water Music C. The Blue Danube D. Pomp And Circumstance

A. J.S. Bach B. George Handel C. Johann Strauss D. Edward Elgar

19. World Literature Which futuristic novel is written in a combination of English and Russian? The narrator of the story loves violence and Beethoven until undergoing an experimental treatment. It was written by Anthony Burgess and made into a Stanley Kubrick film.

A Clockwork Orange

19. Bonus Four Parts Identify the Stanley Kubrick film from a description A. 1960 film about a famous Roman slave and gladiator B. 1968 film based on an Arthur Clarke novel C. 1980 film starring Jack Nicholson based on a Stephen King novel D. 1987 Vietnam War film

A. Spartacus B. 2001: A Space Odyssey C. The Shining D. Full Metal Jacket

20. Algebra Thirty Seconds Find the sum of the fractions x/2 + 2/x


20. Bonus Four Parts Find all zeroes for the following functions: A. x3+2x2-9x-18 B. x5+5x4+10x3+10x2+5x+1 C. log (x2) D. x/3 - 3/x

A. {-3,-2,3} B. {-1} C. {-1,1} D. {-3,3}

21. Sports For which player did the Chicago Bulls retire number four? He also coached the Bulls but has had more success as the coach of the Utah Jazz.

Jerry Sloan

21. Bonus Four Parts Chicago has one winning sports team. Answer these questions about the other ones, giving the name of the city and the nickname: A. Who beat the Cubs in the 1989 National League Playoffs? B. Who beat the Blackhawks in the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals? C. Who beat the White Sox in the 1993 American League Playoffs? D. Who beat the Bears in the 1994-95 NFC Division Playoff?

A. San Francisco Giants B. Pittsburgh Penguins C. Toronto Blue Jays D. San Francisco 49ers

22. Physics Thirty Seconds If a 3 ohm, a 4 ohm, and a 12 ohm resistor are connected in parallel with a 12 volt battery, how much current will run through the battery?

8 Amperes

22. Bonus Four Parts For this problem, use little g=10 m/s2 and ignore air resistance. A projectile is shot from ground level at a thirty degree angle from the horizontal with an initial speed of 10 m/s. It has a mass of two kilograms. Find: A. Its total mechanical energy B. Its time in the air C. The exact value of its top height D. Its horizontal distance in the air rounded to the nearest meter.

A. 100 Joules B. 1 Second C. 1.25 Meters (or 5/4 or 1 1/4) D. 9 Meters

23. British Literature Which British writer helped start Hoggarth Press, which published the works of many prominent early twentieth century writers? She suffered a nervous breakdown in 1916, after which her writing became much more experimental and included stream of consciousness works such as Jacob's Room, Mrs. Dalloway, and To The Lighthouse.

Virginia Woolf

23. Bonus Four Parts Given a list of works, name the writer: A. In a German Pension, The Garden Party, and Her First Ball B. The White Peacock, The Trespasser, and Sons and Lovers C. The Hotel, Friends and Relations, and Death of the Heart D. Captains Courageous, Kim, and Just So Stories

A. Katherine Mansfield B. D.H. Lawrence C. Elizabeth Bowen D. Rudyard Kipling

24. Computers Which computer company joined the Fortune 500 in 1987, four years after it was founded? It has created about forty million computers, beginning with the first industry-standard portable computer.


24. Bonus Four Parts A-C. Which three elements are often used as semiconductors in computers? D. What is the method of adding impurities to a semiconductor?

A-C. Germanium, Selenium, and Silicon D. Doping

25. World History Which conflict went through Palatine-Bohemian, Danish, Swedish, and French phases. Fought mostly in Germany and closely related to the Protestant Reformation, it was ended by the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

Thirty Years' War

25. Bonus Four Parts Given an event in German history, name the century in which it took place. For example, the building of the Berlin Wall took place in the twentieth century. A. Frederick The Great became King of Prussia B. Otto von Bismarck unified Germany C. Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation D. Otto I was crowned Holy Roman Emperor

A. 18th B. 19th C. 16th D. 10th

26. Language Arts What four-letter word can mean an indication of agreement, someone employed in manual labor, a style of penmanship, a unit of measure equal to four inches, or the terminal part of a vertebrate forelimb?


26. Bonus Four Parts Spell the following words: A. Annihilate B. Symmetric C. Paleontology D. Encephalitis

27. American History Which political party, officially called the American Party, peaked in popularity during the 1850s? While it was successful in several gubernatorial and congressional elections, it did not come close to winning the presidency despite running former president Millard Fillmore on top of its ticket.


27. Bonus Four Parts Given a group, give the number of the Constitutional amendment which guarantees them the right to vote: A. Members of all races B. Inhabitants of the District of Columbia C. Women D. Eighteen to twenty year olds

A. 15 B. 23 C. 19 D. 26

28. Calculus Thirty Seconds Evaluate the integral from x=0 to x=1 of dx/(1+x2).


28. Bonus Four Parts Evaluate the derivatives of the following functions: A. 1/x at x=2 B. The square root of x at x=4 C. The tangent of x at x=pi D. x divided by the quantity x2+1 at x=1

A. -1/4 or -0.25 B. 1/4 or 0.25 C. 1 D. 0

29. Chemistry Given some numbers, tell what quantity is being measured and in what units. For air it is 1.3; for gold it is 19,300; for ice it is 920; and for water it is 1000.

Density in kilograms per cubic meter

29. Bonus Four Parts A-B. When amino acids are classified according to the nature of their metabolic end products, what two categories are used? C-D. When amino acids are classified according to whether they can be synthesized in humans, what two categories are used?

A-B. Ketogenic and Glycogenic C-D. Essential and Nonessential

30. World Literature The title character in which short story says the dying words, "I couldn't find the food I liked. If I had found it, believe me, I should have made no fuss and stuffed myself like you or anyone else." This story, which is about the public's fascination with this character, was written by Franz Kafka.

A Hunger Artist

30. Bonus Four Parts Answer these questions from The Iliad: A. What Greek hero eventually kills the Trojan leader? B. Who was the Trojan leader? C. What king is the father of the Trojan leader? D. Who is the Greek commander in chief?

A. Achilles B. Hector C. Priam D. Agamemnon


Alternative Questions

Which novel was originally called First Impressions? It was rewritten and then published in 1813 and concerns many relationships, the central one being between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.

Pride And Prejudice

What is the sum of the first ten positive whole numbers not divisible by three?


To one significant digit, what is the ratio of the mass of a proton to the mass of an electron?

2000 or 2 x 103

Who wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money in 1935? He is considered the founder of macroeconomics, and his ideas are still considered controversial because he supported budget deficits as a cure for economic depressions.

John Maynard Keynes

Who was replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962?

Peter Best

Four Parts Identify these Joseph Conrad characters: A. Who is the main character in Heart Of Darkness? Though he is not the narrator, much of the story consists of him describing his experiences. B. Whose dying words are, "The horror!" C. What major character escapes from the Sephora near the beginning of The Secret Sharer? D. What is the title of The Secret Sharer character who is called Terrible Whiskers and Frightful Whiskers?

A. Marlow B. Kurtz C. Leggatt D. Chief Mate

Four Parts What values of x create local extrema for the function y=12x5-105x4-20x3+210x2?

-1, 0, 1, 7

Five Parts What elements have atomic masses between 20.0 and 30.0?

Aluminum, Magnesium, Neon, Silicon, Sodium

Four Parts Given a President, name the Vice Presidents who served under him: A-B. Andrew Jackson C-D. Richard Nixon

A-B. John Calhoun & Martin Van Buren C-D. Spiro Agnew & Gerald Ford

Four Parts Given the name of a street in the suburbs, what name does it get in Chicago? A. Skokie Boulevard B. Dodge C. Crawford D. Asbury

A. Cicero B. California C. Pulaski D. Western