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(2) 2019 Glasgow Scottie

Target level: High school

Season primarily used: 2019-2020

The Scottie is a regular difficulty set for high school students. It will include 14 rounds of 20 tossups and 20 three-part bonuses with a 15th round of extra questions/tiebreakers.

The set is edited by Todd Garrison - Glasgow High School Coach, Olivia Kiser - University of Chicago, Tyler Reid - University of Kentucky.

Other writers include Garrison Page - University of Kentucky, Anish Patel - University of Kentucky, Rajeev Nair - University of Louisville, Mason Reid - Rose-Hulman, Hunter Lindsey - Belmont, Caleb Tamminga - WKU, and Parker Bannister - University of Louisville.

History 4/4 - American, Anglo, Euro, World
Literature 4/4 - American, British, Euro, World
Science 4/4 - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Other (Astronomy, Earth, non-comp Math)
Art 3/3 - Visual, Auditory, Other (Musicals, film, architecture, dance)
Religion 1/1
Mythology 1/1
Thought 1/1 Philosophy, Social Science
Geography/Current Event 1/1
Pop Culture/Trash 1/1

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This entry is owned by Todd Garrison.